Wappen Andreas R. Hassl

He philosophizing toured many countries just for knowing them

Herodotus of Halicarnassos, 490 - 425 BC

The visitation of the world

If one understands a voyage as the movement of people over a longer period of time on foot or by means of transport and with an intention outside of economically justified traffic, the only reasonable purpose that remains is curiosity to get to know places that cannot be reached without traveling. Convincing motivations for this are self affirmation, relaxation and education. A traveler exposes himself to risks and inconveniences because he is actively looking for personal develop­ment by getting to know foreign places. For me, the pursuit of education within the scope of my personal develop­ment has been the motivation for traveling since I was an adult, although it was only after establishing myself in my professional life that the state of financial confinement relaxed. There is no doubt that physical travel is also to be understood as a metaphor for my psychological existence, because the purpose of my life is to shape my personality.

My tours

tour by motor vehicle; rail journey; cruise

A selection of perspectives from the voyages