Wappen Andreas R. Hassl
final papers

Of what avail is it for man, if he could win the whole world, but his soul suffers harm?

Jesus, 1 - 33

membership in scientific societies and professional associations

On this page all my memberships and functions in scientific and national educating societies and associations are listed. Some of them are seen as an honor, a distinction or a result of the recognition of my efforts, others are more likely to be attributed to my age and social status. Memberships in purely professional unions, labor organizations, automobile or leisure or social associations are not listed.

member since 2018 Oesterr. Akad. Wissenworking group history of medicine of the commission for the history and philosophy of sciences
cooperator since 1999
expired since 2003
OeWAVworking comittee "Microbiology" of the professional group "Quality and Hygiene" of the Austrian Water and Waste Management Union
member since 2002
petered 2020
ASPAmerican Society of Parasitologists
cooperator since 1999
resigned since 2009
AG ARK working group "amphibia- and reptilia diseases" of the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture
member since 1984 DGHTGerman Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture
member since 1982
membership expired at an unknown date
DGPGerman Society of Parasitology
member since 2000 alumni Association of Friends of the Natural History Museum
corresponding member since 2001
petered since 2012
ISP International Society of Protistologists
(former Society of Protozoologists)
member since 1986
Secretary General I 1997 - 2004
Secretary General II 2014 - 2020
OeGHAustrian Herpetological Society
member since 1997 OeGHMPAustrian Society of Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventive Medicine
member since 1982
society inactive since the end of 2019
OeGTP Austrian Society of Tropical Medicine, Parasitology and Migration Medicine
member since 1999
resigned end of 2018
SV HVAustrian court expert union
cooperator since 1996
expired since 2005
DAPTFAustrian section of the Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force
fellow since 1993
petered 2020
RSTMHRoyal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
member since 1983 NoeJVNÖ country`s hunting federation
member since 2002
withdrawn 2014
PJCPurkersdorfer hunting country club
beneficiary since 2000 literar mechanaliterar mechana
member 1991
society vanished
AIDSAustrian AIDS-Society, 1140 Vienna